Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do.

We are looking for local people to help us improve local health and care services for the residents of Wandsworth and we are particularly interested in hearing from younger people.

Our volunteers are out in the community everyday listening to people to find out what they think about health and care.

Whether you want to gain valuable work experience, help improve care in your community or learn new skills, there are lots of ways you can join us to make a real difference whether you have just a little time to give, or a lot.

Our volunteers support us in many different ways. From speaking to local people to find out what they think about health and care, to using these views to influence those who run services, volunteers play an important role at Healthwatch Wandsworth.

woman asking people's views

What can I do as a volunteer?

Our volunteers help us in a number of ways. Whether you have an hour to spare or you're looking for a more regular committment.

There are a range of ways you can get involved from helping with our office admin, to collecting the views of local people and being our eyes and ears a local meetings.

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1, 826 Hours 

This is the amount of time that 35 volunteers gave up last year to help make a difference to local health and care services.

I believe that Healthwatch Wandsworth's role in engaging with the community over the NHS is particularly important, as the service needs to become less remote and more sensitive to local health needs.

Cherill, Healthwatch Wandsworth volunteer 

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Spotlight on our Enter and View volunteers

As a local healthwatch we have special legal powers to 'Enter and View' local services. This means we can enter and view all publicly funded health and social care services premises and speak to those using the services to find out how they are working.

Meet our volunteers who are part of the Enter and View team, who contribute to planning, undertaking and reporting on these visits.

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I have been involved in Enter and View and most of the reports have led to action plans for improvements to services. I am also a Healthwatch Representative on the new IAPT (talking therapies) procurement group and on community stakeholder group to represent a patient perspective.

Enter and view and Healthwatch Representative volunteer